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STOP! Suicide is not an Option!!

Suicide? Not an option!


You are not the first person to have a rough ride in life. I’m not saying you are going to be the last. So stop anticipating suicide!

Yours is not the worst-case scenario ever witnessed. There’s the popular saying that, tough times never last, but tough people do. This is quite true and would be a good thing if you are counted among the tough people who refuse to allow tough times dictate to them.


Many have passed through what you are currently going through. Some had it even worse than yours, but they fought and won. Don’t let the smiling faces all over the internet deceive you into going on a wild goose chase of having a life that is completely void of challenges in this messed up world. Do not allow yourself to be driven to the edge of the cliff and see yourself as a failure because your colleagues are posting their life trophies on the media. People have faced things, and people are facing things. If you hear about some people’s challenges, you will hastily forget about yours and join to help them get through. Unfortunately, you won’t see many people sharing what they are currently going through on the internet because they are busy looking for a solution and not a suicidal end.

Life can be frustrating; a lot of stuff can throw you under.

You could get your heart shattered by a trusted partner who cheated on you.

Have you been swindled?

Maybe a relationship went sore leaving a hole difficult to fill in your heart.

A whole business empire just collapsed?

Someone close or someone you trusted abused you?

How about parents who aren’t really parents? I mean the ones whose behaviour and relationship to kids call into question their parental status of the kid.

You found your dirty secrets or skeletons you’ve always kept in your cupboard thrown out in the public glare?

How about loneliness, either self-inflicted or otherwise?

The list is endless.

However, suicide is still NEVER an answer. Suicide means giving in. It means letting the world have the last say. You are about to allow the tides of the times to successfully dictate to you. It means you’re throwing in the towel. It’s a revelation of weakness and cowardice! I don’t mean to sound mean, but that’s the fact!

Real humans man up to the situation. They look the threat in the eye. They may retreat, re-strategize, give time to thinking, and then, there’s prayer too (for those who believe!), but they never give up.

When you go in the way of exploring every possible solution and then work towards a comeback to launch a counter-attack that renders the situation impotent, you will realize the situation is not as hopeless as you had thought. 

And it’s a win!!!


You just went through another training and you passed the test.  A stronger you have just emerged. A new, brighter world built. And now more armed and ready to face the future.

These aren’t pieces of cake, I know quite well. In your fight back, frustration may even set in. I’ve been in those shoes, and I know others who have. I’m talking about the first-hand experience of precarious situations where a lot of life tsunamis hit an individual at the same time.

But your life is worth the fight in the end!

Stand up; don’t back down!!!

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