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As your lips touched its white face;

You filled every nook and cranny with euphoria;

Scritch scratch went the sound of your tapping;

And the dust raised by you gave knowledge to your audience.

You have borne loads I couldn’t bear;

You have bared words I dare not;

You have spoken my mind to thousands I am yet to meet;

And your voice echoes louder than mine although you lack a voice box.

Dancing ferociously on a crispy and plain virgin land;

Calling senses to those who appear ignorant of it;

Your brisk movement sends meaning faster than waves;

And the broad minded garner wisdom from your steps!

Your steps gives out my emotions;

And fulfil all of my secret desires;

Leaving me refreshed after each presentation;

And makes me yearn for another of your choreography.

Oh! How you fill me with ecstasy!

Making my innermost fulfilled;

Yes! You are stronger and sharper;

Even the best of swords will never beat you;

Keep on dancing my beautiful pen!

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