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VAR (Voice Against Rape)


VAR (Voice Against Rape)
Her body, to the ground, you pinned;
He tried to run , but you overpowered him;
You couldn’t overcome your desire;
And you sunk into its quagmire!

You grinded harder;
In an attempt to satisfy your desire;
You couldn’t control your throbbing stick;
Your juices, you wanted him to lick!

“Aren’t you man enough?”
“Come have a taste of my honey pot!”
Oh, yeah! It’s her body you love;
And that interprets as lust.

You cowed her strength;
And defiled her holy temple;
You made him a monster;
Just because you craved an orgasm.

A future has been broken by you;
And now its shadow shall always haunt you;
Restitution and repentance can’t do;
For scars would never be skin!



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